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Best DeFi Tools & Resources

Quality of life– Ethereum gas price recommendations.

Speed up or Cancel Transactions – Speeds up or cancels transactions for Ethereum tokens.

Dashboards – A simple dashboard for DeFi. Easily track and visualize all your DeFi assets and liabilities in one simple interface. – Build and manage your entire DeFi portfolio from one place.

APY finance – A DeFi robo-advisor that optimizes for risk-adjusted returns using a portfolio of yield farming strategies.

Set Protocol – Non-custodial solution allowing for the creation, management, and trading of Sets, ERC20 tokens that represent a portfolio or basket of underlying assets. Each Set operates and periodically rebalances its portfolio according to a strategy coded into its smart contract.

DeFiSaver – One-stop management app for decentralized finance.

InstaDapp – A smart wallet for DeFi which allows users to seamlessly manage multiple DeFi applications to maximize returns.

DeFi Lending

Online wallets compatible with hardware wallets

MyEtherWallet – A free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets.

Metamask – A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps.

Lending & liquidity

AAVE – A DeFi lending protocol that enables users to lend and borrow a diverse range of cryptocurrencies using both stable and variable interest rates.

Compound.Finance – An algorithmic money market protocol on Ethereum that lets users earn interest or borrow assets against collateral.

bZx – A DeFi lending platform for traders built on Ethereum.

Yearn.Finance – Stake YFI, borrow assets, and vote for improvements within the community.

DeversiFi – A non-custodian DeFi solution to provide speed and liquidity when interacting with markets.

Curve Finance – Makes use of liquidity pools and bonding curves to provide high-efficiency stablecoin trading and low-risk returns for liquidity providers.

Balancer – An automated market maker (AMM) for multiple tokens.

Fulcrum – Allows users to borrow and lend ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Decentralized Exchanges

Uniswap – The most prominent decentralized exchange with access to a near-unlimited amount of tokens. Be careful of fake variations of official tokens by checking the contract address on Etherscan.

Loopring – Layer 2 Ethereum solution that is more than just a DEX. It is also a payment solution also.

Switcheo.Network – The first multi-chain, decentralized exchange to trade ETH, EOS & NEO tokens, all from their non-custodian platform. – Tokenlon is a decentralized exchange powered by 0x protocol.

Kyber Swap – An easy and convenient way to trade ERC-20 tokens.

Bisq – An open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for national currencies, or alternative cryptocurrencies.

IDEX – A Simple ERC-20 decentralized exchange that was one of the first.

Matcha – A consumer-facing DEX built by 0x Protocol.

Bancor – Instead of using an order book to process conversions, Bancor uses a network on-chain liquidity pools.

DeFi Resources

DeFiRate – Trusted resource for all things DeFi.

DeFiPrime – Digital media and analytical services provider for the DeFi community.

DeFiSlate – A blockchain & cryptocurrency education content platform.

DeFiPulse – DeFi charts and important data on lending protocols.

DeFi Charts and Lending
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Best DeFi Tools & Resources

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