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DeFi Made Simple: Dashboard

There is still a lot of friction in the DeFi space when it comes to utilizing an optimal yield farming strategy, as it can be a pain to switch between different sites, apps and DEXs.

History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes. When new technology comes out it always starts with a lot of friction and generally an awkward user experience.

Over the years, interacting with cryptocurrency has become much easier. Years ago, we would have to wait days for a KYC application to be accepted or wire fiat currency over to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, which would take days too.


 We would buy Litecoin and send that as it was the fastest at the time, boasting a 10 minute to half an hour transaction time. Technology has advanced whereby we can get where we want near-instant with certain cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized Exchanges would have sounded like something in the distant future but here we are, interacting with each other and with new DeFi services featured every month.

 One such DeFi service available currently is, a merger of DeFiSnap & DeFiZap, which is a dashboard where you can track and interact with all your decentralized financial activities.

The Zapper platform allows users to browse opportunities across the DeFi platforms, monitor their assets, manage them and re-balance their DeFi portfolio where needed.

I’ll be trying it out as it does seem like the next step in DeFi is an easier user experience. Whether it is or a different dashboard, this is what the future looks like for decentralized finance.

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